Special Order Items

These items require additional time which are noted by the desired item.

1/2 size Regular Hogs or
Jalapeno & Cheese Hogs
1 day notice

$1.25 ea          $12.50 dz.

This is a smaller version of our hog in a blanket.

White or Wheat Bread
1 day notice

$3.50 a loaf

Traditional size loaf                                              

Dinner Rolls
1 day notice

$7.00 dz.

Savory, yeast roll

Quick Breads         
2 day notice       

small  $6.00          large $17.00

Banana Nut, Cream Cheese Pound Cake, & Pumpkin Spice

Pies                             2 day notice 


Traditional Apple                                           Maple Frosted Apple
Dutch Apple                                                   Chocolate Meringue
Chocolate Cream (non-diary topping)        Cherry
Coconut Meringue                                         Buttermilk
Coconut Cream (non-diary topping)           Pecan
Lemon Meringue                                           Pumpkin

Chocolate Crinkles      2 day notice

$.75 ea.          $7.50 dz.

A fudge cookie coated n powdered sugar.

Sugar Cookies              2 day notice

$.75 ea.          $7.50 dz.

A sugar cookie glazed with a vanilla glaze. 

Brownies                       2 day notice

$.95 ea.          $9.50 dz.

Plain, Cream Cheese, or Pecan

Lemon Bars                   2 day notice

$.95 ea.          $9.50 dz.

a cookie crust with a lemon filling and topped with powdered sugar. 

Cookie Baskets


Small (2 dozen)                                                      $31.00
Medium (3 1/2 dozen)                                           $43.00
Large (5 1/2 dozen)                                               $63.00

Chicken Salad or Tuna Salad

$10.75 per pound

By the pound