We bake fresh daily!

We welcome phone orders! If you know you'll be coming by later in the day, we can save even one item to ensure your trip was worth while!

Breakfast Items:

Ham & Cheese Kolaches

$2.30 ea.          $23.00 dz.

This is a savory yeast roll stuffed with a generous portion of ham and cheese.

Sausage & Cheese

$2.30 ea.          $23.00 dz.

This a savory yeast roll filled with a patty sausage and cheese.

Regular Hog in the Blanket

$2.50 ea.          $25.00 dz.

The regular hog is our version of a pig in a blanket. 

Jalapeno & Cheese Hog in the Blanket

$2.50 ea.        $25.00 dz.

Our version of the hog in a blanket with bits of cheese and jalapenos through out the sausage link.

Sausage Biscuits

$1.95 ea.          $19.50 dz

Our delicious biscuit cut in half with a patty sausage in between the layers.

Sausage & Cheese Biscuits

$2.40 ea.          $24.00 dz.

Our delicious biscuit cut in half with a patty sausage and cheese in between the layers of sausage and biscuit.

Cinnamon Rolls

$1.90 ea.          $19.00 dz.

Our delicious cinnamon rolls has a vast amount of cinnamon.

Mini Cinnamon Rolls    

   $1.25 ea.             $12.50 dz. 

This is a small version of the full size cinnamon rolls.

Sweet Kolaches

$1.60 ea.          $16.00 dz.

Flavors:         Cream Cheese          Lemon           Apple          Prune  Pineapple     Cherry                       Apricot          Strawberry          Blueberry     Poppy Seed              Chocolate Cream Cheese

French Pastries

$1.85 ea.          $18.50 dz.

Flavors:          Apple          Strawberry & Cream Cheese          Lemon           Cream Cheese          Cherry          Blueberry


$.75 ea.             $7.50 dz.

Chocolate Chip w/ Pecans                    Oatmeal Raisin
Snickerdoodle                                         Peanut Butter
Oatmeal Pecan             Ranger              M&M


$1.45 ea.          $14.50 dz.

Blueberry (made daily), special order flavors are pumpkin spice and banana nut with require a two days notice.


$1.40 ea.          $14.00 dz.

Buttermilk biscuits that are light and fluffy. 



Small (12 oz.)                                                                           $1.45
Medium (16 oz.)                                                                       $1.80
Large (24 oz.)                                                                           $2.00
Jumbo (32 oz.)                                                                          $2.25
Bottled Water                                                                          $1.70
Juice (Apple or Orange)                                                          $2.00
Milk (White, Strawberry, or Chocolate)                                $2.00
Powerade ( Fruit Punch, Blue, & Orange)                            $1.70